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What is Voip Telephone ?

Voip (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol), allows you to make and receive phone calls over the internet. Some services includes SMS. Whatsapp, skype, zoom are examples of voip services. No sim card is required just an internet connection. You may get a new number or port in an existing number. 

VOIP Usage 

1. Residential Use - Personal Use

2. Commercial Use - Organizations

Types of VOIP Services

1. Integrated 

2. SIP Trunks

3. Hosted IP PBX

4. Managed IP PBX


- Auto Attendants (Create departments, example: press 1 for HR, 2 for Sales, etc.)

- Call Queues (When 1 is pressed; how many call agents will receive the call; call flows)

- Tran scripted Voice Mails

- Extension Numbers

- Business hours

- Call Forwarding

- etc.


Technologies We Work With

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